Q. Is IQ Option legit?

Following recorded facts about the company proves its legality and the legitimacy thereof:

     ●     it is licensed to operate in the European Union

     it holds the exquisite license from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to trade in the prescribed financial assets. For verification purposes, the license number is 247/14

     to trade outside of the European Union, the company has all the necessary permissions from the law of the land of the respective countries

     to maintain the legality of its operations, IQ Options ensure to comply with all the rules set by the regulatory authorities from time to time. To verify the legality of the company, one can always find the appropriate government authorized certifications either on the company’s website or in the local government records available to the public.

 Q. Is IQ Option safe?

 In a world full of hackers and trackers, IQ Option is completely safe as:

    it follows the practice of segregation client’s funds accounts to maintain complete privacy for one and all;

     IQ Option has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts a trader’s data to meet all the safety standards set by AES 256 encryption, one of the most secure standards. Such encryption minimizes the risk of a hacker’s attack to almost nil;

     not only the data privacy of the traders but the communication between the company and the trader is also encrypted end-to-end for utmost privacy and security; and

     complying with the CySEC regulations, the company is prohibited to use traders’ funds for its business interests. This makes investors’ money as safe as possible.

 Q. What assets can be traded on IQ Option?

 IQ Option owes its popularity to the edge it provides to its customers for trading a variety of financial assets. Its 70+ financial services have been categorized into the following asset classes:

 CFD on Stocks – Contract For Difference or as popularly known as CFDs offered by IQ options allows the traders to trade the stocks of more than 170 companies. The majority of these companies are listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

 Cryptocurrencies – All the users of IQ Option have 12 of the leading cryptocurrencies at their disposal to trade from. The list includes the likes of Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, et al.

 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) – This asset class works just like common stocks but includes many other assets than usual company stocks. It includes commodities and other assets ranging around 4200+ options.

 Forex – Trading in foreign currencies aka Forex is not a new concept and any trader who knows a little about trading must have heard about it too. IQ Option also offers 180+ currencies to let its users trade in their preferred one.

 Options – With over 10 million+ options, the company offers a wide range of speculation opportunities to its users. These options include varied commodities, indices, stocks, and currencies.


Q. Is the money earned in IQ Option real? Can I withdraw from IQ Option?

 The money earned in IQ Option using Real Account is real too. Unlike Demo Account that has just virtual cash and profits, the money deposited, earned, and withdrawable in a Real Account is completely real and can be directly credited to your linked bank account. Also, the mode of withdrawal depends on how you deposited while opening the account.

 To withdraw money from your IQ Options account:

     Your account must be verified with the required photo ID like a driver’s license, etc.

     In case of the deposits made by debit or credit card, the initial deposit must be requested for a payout via debit or credit card only. The initial transaction is processed by the company like a refund of your deposit, hence, the withdrawal amount must be equal to the beginning amount or any such deposit account made within the last 90 days. Anything intended to be withdrawn beyond these deposit amounts is taken as profits by the company and is withdrawable via bank transfer or e-wallet transfer.

     Like debit or credit card deposits, all e-wallet deposits are withdrawable in the same mode and wallet as deposited. Say, for a deposit made via Skrill, the withdrawal will be credited to Skrill only equivalent to the amount deposited. Any amount beyond that earned as profits can be withdrawn through the same wallet or bank transfer.

     In case of making deposits via bank card, you must upload the photo of your card from both sides. That said, to ensure your account’s security, the company requests you to hide your CVV and middle digits.

     In the case of all bank transfers, the company charges the requisite fee which comes around $31.

     All the payout requests are processed within three business days.


 Q. What risk management tools are available in IQ Option?

 To protect the interests of its users, IQ Option has made sure to offer all the important risk management tools to its users. You can use any of them to customize your trade experience:


Stop Loss– The tool helps you set a maximum loss that is acceptable to you. If a stop-loss order gets triggered, the trade gets closed automatically to guard you against further loss.

 Trailing Stop– This works on the same mechanism as that of Stop Loss but the auto-close at the stop is dynamically used. That means that a trailing stop loss will trail along with the price change in your indicated direction.

 Take Profit– Its mechanism is polarized to that of Stop Loss. In this, you set the profit that you want to book on trade/bet and once the stock hits it, the position gets automatically closed and you take the profit home.

 Q. What indicators are offered by IQ Options?

 All seasoned traders know the importance of indicators to have a winning streak in binary trading. Where other brokers offer only a few indicators on their platform, IQ Option offers as many 13 vital indicators that also happen to be the most-used ones.

 1. Alligator Indicator– It shows the market movements along with no-movement periods. By this, emerging trends are easily identified to decide our next trade bet.

 2. Average True Range (ATR)– This will indicate the volatility of your chosen asset in the period selected by you.

 3. Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)– This indicator is used to assess the strength of the trend even before it begins. Thus, it estimates the volatility of the trend and its reversal thereon beforehand.

 4. Awesome Oscillator– This indicator is imperative to know any new trends cropping up. The indicator forms a ratio between two Simple Moving Averages; one of which is slow and the other fast.

 5. Bollinger bands– They are quite famous among traders as they show dynamic price changes. This is mainly important to act quickly on the ever-changing market sentiments.

 6. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)– This indicator helps in assessing the speed of any price movement.

 7. Fractal– It shows a series of a minimum of 5 candlestick patterns along with their minimum and maximum prices.

 8. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)– As suggested by the name, it highlights the times where moving averages converge or diverge. It can be used to find out the ratio/relation between two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs).

 9. Moving Averages (MAs)– They are used to study the current trend of the market movement. You can read the Simple Moving Averages, Smooth Simple Moving Averages, Exponential Moving Averages, and Weighted Moving Averages.

 10. Parabolic SAR– It is a little similar to moving averages indicator and shows the trend in a group of little dots. But the difference lies in the position change indication which is in accordance with the higher acceleration of price.

 11. Relative Strength Index (RSI)– It helps to know the strength of the current trend and its potential reversal. It represents the absolute asset price growth through a curve.

 12. Stochastic Oscillator Indicator– This helps in finding out the reversal points by showing the current price of the asset with-respect-to all the extreme price swings as selected by you for it to compare.

 13. Volume Indicators– As the name suggests, this indicator shows you the volume of the assets bought and sold by you. This is important to identify the ones that have given us good profits compared to their traded volume.


 Q. Can I trade IQ Option on mobile?

 IQ Option has a solution for trading on the go. It has a mobile web interface as well as a mobile app to offer greater flexibility to its users. With an intuitive graphical interface, the mobile version offers almost all the charting options available on the web version. Additionally, the push notifications ensure to send alerts in case there is a risk of breach of your set key trade levels. The app is available both for iOS and Android users and runs smoothly on smartphones as well as tablets.

Summing Up

 We have tried here to clear all the hurdles that might stop you from trying or learning trading mechanisms in IQ Option. To place your bet for the first time, it is always imperative to have the confidence of ‘being knowledgeable enough’. Money and a strategy won’t serve the purpose alone. The essential add-ons are a must too. Such things are termed as ‘investor awareness’. And for the ones left out, they are secondary and can be learned easily when you grow as a trader. As they say, IQ Option is an ocean of knowledge and thus, a continuous learning experience. 

*Trading carries risk and losses may exceed initial investment amount

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