With many areas of the world in lockdown due to COVID-19, many small and medium-sized businesses followed  suit quickly. Millions lost their jobs in recent months, including me. With no backup plan for such an unexpected crisis, I freaked out. Then started the ultimate race to survival. With everyone finding ways to earn from home, I tried my hand at a few things too. But we all know, almost all of them are nothing more than scams. All they want is a subscription or advance money to sign up to earn a highly unrealistic return. But don’t we all need a lot of money instantly? And like all of us, I, too, fell for quite a few scams.

But to save myself from the cash crisis, I made a decision after having burned my pockets for almost a month in March: that I will steer clear of the lucrative opportunities that happen to ask for money, even a single penny. I quickly shifted my thoughts back to owning a website in some unique niche that will ultimately be a legitimate source of income. That is when i came across an online opportunity that would drastically change my life.

I have always been fascinated by the forex market but this existing trading method was a revelation to me. 

To begin with, the system offered me some free virtual amount to try my hand on it. This, the company claims, is just to let us decide if this work is for us or not. Pretty fair, I thought. I dared to give it a go. The beginning was just a simple sign up process like any other website, hence, it wasn’t a hassle. Just a few tries here and there to understand the mechanism of the software and I was ready to go with my virtual $10,000. Yes, a whopping $10,000 for a demo account.

It was pretty legit and logical and I decided to load my account with real cash now. And to my surprise, the company did not demand a huge amount to get started. You can simply start from a meager $10. I, too, decided to take this small risk thinking that if it went down the drain, it is just $10 and I would never come back here. But I found myself back the next day. And why wouldn’t I be? I converted my $10 account balance to $50; an unimaginable 5 times return and that’s too a real one. To confirm the reality of it, I requested a payout at the end of the first session so that I can be clear if there is a scam. But with my bank’s credit confirmation message, I got some confidence. And this time, with a lot of daring as I knew this was one of those moments where I needed to deliver my best to be ‘the best’ instantly since it was April-end and I needed money for paying my bills quickly.

I decided to put in some serious hours without leaving my desk thinking it to be a day job. After all, this is what we do for others: maintain work discipline. I decided to do it for myself. I had topped my account with $50 now, thinking that whatever I have earned from here, I’ll reinvest here only. And the next day, with around 6 hours in it, excluding a refreshing break of 15 minutes, I converted those $50 to $183. I couldn’t believe myself. I was all ecstatic and tired at the same time. This was my money; all of it. And charting this speed, I can very well pay my next month’s bills. All I need to do is to put in some more hours and effort. I thought I CAN DO THIS. I HAVE TO. The next day, I had a strategy for everything, several hours at a stretch, small breaks every few hours to not burn myself out quick, refreshment breaks. All this helped me raking in $816 on the third day in 11 hours of work. And the circle continued. I invested just $10 and promised not to put more. With just reinvesting all that I earned at the end of each day, I, kind of, can say that I brought myself in the league of ‘well-off’. So, here I am, with a bank balance of $6,702 and it’s just my third month in the running. So what is this company? How can you succeed? Let’s get started then and grow together.

The company that came as an angel in my life is IQ Option. But what is it? Is it a real company? How can I get started? Wait, one at a time.

How does IQ Option work?

Now is the time to address the big question: How to start trading in IQ Option? Trading in IQ Option is based on Binary Trading.

What is Binary Trading?

Binary Trading works on the concept of predicting an outcome of an event. The prediction can be based on some past pattern or any other pattern that you might have noticed while dealing with the instrument. That said, the prediction comes with an expiry period, i.e. it has to be done before the time runs out and you lose the contract/trade. To make the profit, one has to be bullish or optimistic about the financial instrument thinking that it will be costlier soon. This will make us buy it now and sell it when the price rises. In the process, we earn a profit. It is all pure and logical trading.

How to get started with IQ Option?

 To start your binary trading with IQ Option, first, you need to open an account with the company. The account opening process is simple and swift and the company offers three types of accounts:

Demo Account– The company offers a Demo account with a top-up of $10,000 virtual balance to let its customers know the world of binary trading. I advise you to try your hand at a demo session to nail the process. And then start with the real money. This is due to the reason that if you keep losing money in your demo account, you can keep topping it up with another virtual $10,000 against the real cash where once you lose it, it won’t ever be coming back to you.

Since this account is just to add to investor’s knowledge, the account has many limitations; the biggest of all being the limited number of instruments you can trade with during this learning period. As less as only 13 trading instruments are open for trading if you happen to go for a demo account. Spend as many hours, days, or weeks to become the best and then move onto the next level; the real account.

Real Account– Once you are confident enough of trading well in binary, it’s time to open a real account with real cash. Unlike other companies, IQ Options don’t ask for a big initial balance and you can start your profitable run from as low as $10. And since you are in the real-world of real binary trading, you have a plethora of trading instruments to choose from. A whopping 70 trading assets are available at your dispense to place your investment on.

Not only this, for avid traders, the company also offers a unique opportunity of competing with the other like-minded traders online in various competitions. Such competitions are a great way to earn big by using all your knowledge you earned during the process. Also, the withdrawals of all the profits that you have earned can be credited to your bank account within 24 hours of your withdrawal request.

Why is IQ Option Best?

Many other companies trade in similar binary trading processes but no other company has achieved success as much as IQ Option. And there is not one but quite a few reasons behind this:

Best Trading Software

As discussed above, IQ Option uses the best software offering the best features like risk management strategies, proprietary trading platform, live trend charts, et al, to help you maximize your profits and eliminate the risk of losses.


The company holds trade competitions on its platform and anyone can enter it to earn guaranteed prizes which go as high as $1,00,000. This is one dreamy amount!

Easy & quick withdrawal

The withdrawal process of the company is completely hassle-free and quick. All you need is to connect your bank account while you choose to sign up for the Real or VIP account. Once you have requested a withdrawal of your profits, the processing of crediting the requested amount starts immediately. It takes around 24 hours for the credit and you simply receive the notification. And if you happen to have a VIP Account, the credit will be processed faster than before.

Multiple Language Support

The IQ Option trading platform is unique as it offers support for many languages. This means you don’t have to try your hand in English if it is not your first language. Simply find your preferred language and start understanding the things in your native language. Following major languages are supported by IQ Option:

  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Malay
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Afrikaans

Mobile Platform

Internet on the go is the need of the hour. Keeping this trend in mind, IQ Option also offers Android and iOS trading apps to all its customers. The interface of the app is easier and can be operated anywhere anytime. All you need is a stable internet connection. Many people argue against the practicality of staying updated about binary trading while in the app. But this is not the case with IQ Option. The company keeps sending crucial insights you might need to book profits without having you log out of the app. The app went so popular after it was launched that it was the most downloaded app of that year. This very well proves its mettle.

The Bottom Line

With the internet full of scams, we all are skeptical about investing our hard-earned money in an online venture. But, it is always motivating to know the successful journey of people working online. I took out time to share my story since I know how hard it is to survive without enough money to pay the bills. I’ve found success in working with the IQ Option platform and I believe that you can do it as well. It is extremely easy to get on board and learn the working of the software with the free credits you receive. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can use real cash for earning money. So, what are you waiting for? Get on board and try the magic of IQ Option with complete sincerity. Don’t forget to thank me later!

*Trading carries risk and losses may exceed initial investment amount

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